HSHS Holy Family Hospital Welcomes Angie Jolliff, APRN

HSHS Holy Family Hospital in Greenville recently welcomed Angie Jolliff, APRN.

APRN stands for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, which is a nurse has completed at least a master’s level in nursing. There are various specialties under the APRN umbrella and Jolliff is considered a nurse practitioner.

Jolliff is originally from Mulberry Grove and graduated from Mulberry Grove High School in 1998. She attended Kaskaskia College and earned an Associate in Nursing degree in 2000; received a bachelor’s in nursing from Purdue in 2013; and earned her master’s degree from Maryville University in St. Louis in 2016. After graduation, she worked in Emergency Departments in Effingham and Decatur.

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Jolliff said she is definitely no stranger to HSHS Holy Family Hospital. She worked in the kitchen of what was then Utlaut Memorial Hospital when she was 17. She became a CNA while still in high school. She worked her first year out of nursing school at the hospital and spent 10 years working in the ER.

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That unique background also gives her a unique perspective now that she is working as an APRN. She said many providers can’t say they’ve worked in such a wide background of roles in a hospital. She also said she thinks patients respond to a familiar face and many people in our community have encountered her at some point in her various jobs there.

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Jolliff sees patients at the HSHS Holy Family Health Center, managed by HSHS Medical Group, on the hospital campus. For information or to schedule an appointment call 664-2531.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of HSHS Holy Family Hospital
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