New Artifact At DeMoulin Museum

DeMoulin Museum curator John Goldsmith is very excited about the museum’s latest donation.

The renovation of the former Masonic Building into the Greenville University SMART Center on the downtown Greenville square led to the discovery of an important piece of DeMoulin Brothers’ Company history.

Hidden away was a large wooden box, which Goldsmith said answers some questions about the early days of the company. The box features markings that indicate it was shipped to the Victory Camp #452 of the Modern Woodmen of America – the Greenville chapter. The stenciling on the end of the box indicates the box came from Ed DeMoulin, a seller and manufacturer of paraphernalia for the Modern Woodmen of America. Goldsmith said that means the crate dates to 1892 through February of 1895.

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Goldsmith said the box is now the oldest piece at the DeMoulin Museum. He said he was thankful to Greenville University for the donation and to the workers on the project, who took meticulous care of their surprise discovery.

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Goldsmith will be busy cleaning the box so it can be put on display. The DeMoulin Museum, at 205 South Prairie Street, is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays through May.

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