New Location For Unit 2 Prom


For the first time, the Bond County Unit 2 high school prom will not be held at the school.

Arrangements have been made for the prom to be at Copper Dock banquet hall, north of Pocahontas.

At the February school board meeting, a parent addressed the board with concerns about the change. Superintendent Wes Olson said it was suggested by prom sponsors after 75 percent of junior students, attending a meeting, chose to move to Copper Dock.

Superintendent Olson said the topic has come up in the past. The proposed location at that time was the American Farm Heritage Museum. He said the board discussed the pros and cons of the location change prior to Christmas break. He said there was concern that alcohol is sold at the Copper Dock venue, but the restaurant/winery portion of the facility is not attached to where prom will be held. He said staff and volunteers will work to provide a safe and secure environment, just as they would at the school. He also said the change of location will allow for earlier set-up which is much more convenient.

Click below to hear more from the superintendent:

The introduction of students entering the prom will still be done, as in past years. Unlike the gymnasium, the banquet facility is air conditioned.

With the exception of coronation, parents and spectators are not invited.

During the prom, if students leave, they will not be allowed to return.

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