Annual Comets Give Back Day

The annual Greenville High School student Give-Back Day was Wednesday.

Over 100 high school students went to various locations in and around Greenville Wednesday morning to clean up areas and perform other tasks.

GHS Teacher Lorna Stowers, coordinator of the event, said the weather was very good for the work to be performed. Stowers said the day is all about the kids getting out and cleaning up the community that supports them. Work sites include various points around the city of Greenville, the Bond County Humane Society, all Unit 2 elementary schools, Durley Church Camp, and Bond Christian Service Camp.

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A group of students went to the Bond County Humane Society animal shelter. Rachel Hundsdorfer was pleased to see them arrive. She said the students are excited to give back and are very helpful. She said the students got to walk and play with the dogs.

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Stowers said this was the seventh spring high school students have been a part of Give-Back Day.

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