Changes In Clinton County Election Results

After every election, when WGEL reports results, we always say, “election results are unofficial until canvassed”. This is a safeguard in the unlikely event a change or error should be found in the results.

Clinton County Clerk Vicky Albers says that’s just what happened on Wednesday, April 3, after the recent election. In the midst of auditing Clinton County election results, Albers told WGEL, it came to her attention there were “a low number of votes for the uncontested candidates in Carlyle’s Ward 1 and Ward 2 City Council races as compared to the number of ballots cast.”

Albers’ staff reset and reran the tabulator card for Carlyle 1 and 2. In doing so, the vote numbers changed for the Carlyle Unit One School Board Race. Based on the unofficial results, the four top candidates are Keith Alexander with 491 votes, Terry Kampwerth with 481, Dennis Perez with 447, and Aaron Heinzmann with 432 votes.

With the new results, in a change to what was previously reported, Aaron Heinzmann will be elected to the school board, and Jason Brinkmann will not.

Albers explained that in the initial run of ballots, the election software failed to completely download the information on the tabulator card. The issue was isolated to the Carlyle 1 and 2 precincts. While it changes the vote totals for the Carlyle school board race and increases the vote totals in the uncontested races for Carlyle’s Ward 1 and Ward 2 aldermen, Carlyle city clerk and Kaskaskia College School Board, it does not affect the outcome in any other Carlyle or countywide race.

Results of the 2019 consolidated election will be certified by April 23.

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