Greenville FFA Holds 63rd Parent & Member Banquet

L to R – Dalton Knerrer, Cole Wall, Chad Stearns, Marissa Schaefer, Levi Siebert, Taylor Huels, Wil Harnetiaux, Logan Doll, and Jason Zeeb.

The 63rd annual Greenville FFA Parent and Member Banquet was held recently at the First Christian Church in Greenville. Special awards were presented to members, many of those in the organization received recognition and adults were inducted as honorary members in the Greenville FFA Chapter. Recipients of the Greenville FFA Honorary degrees were: Pam and Frank Doll, Trish Huels, Tracy Knerrer, Jared Marshall, Jon and Melissa Zeeb and Lindy Zeeb. The honorary FFA degrees are presented to persons who have provided extra assistance in the organization.

L to R – Tom Harnetiaux, Jamie Baum, David Baum, Lana Schaefer, Ricarda Wall, and Steve Wall

Special awards were given to several FFA members. They included: FFA Chapter Scholarship Award to Chad Stearns and Cole Wall, Leadership Award to Levi Siebert, the Activity Award to Jack Wall, Work Award to Levi Siebert, Star Greenhand to Leno Caldieraro, and Outstanding Member to Marissa Schaefer. This award is named in memory of Craig Turley. The Dekalb Award was given to Cole Wall. Grace Baum, Brad Beckert, Leah Betts, Logan Doll, Wil Harnetiaux, and Marissa Schaefer were recognized for receiving their State FFA Degrees in June.

L to R –Levi Siebert, Chad Stearns, Leno Caldieraro, Cole Wall, Marissa Schaefer, and Jack Wall

Senior members receiving chapter scholarships were Brad Beckert, Leah Betts, Bryan Brunk, Nancy Fritzsche, Taylor Huels, Dalton Knerrer, Alexa Loddick, Levi Siebert, Chad Stearns, Kody Sterkis, Cole Wall, and Grace Young. Activity T shirts were presented to the top five students in each year in the FFA. The recognition is based on involvement in various activities during the past year. The recipients include: First year – Camden Fitzgerald, J.R. McCray, Cadence Perkins, Jack Wall, and Taylor Weiss. Second year – Leno Caldieraro, Joely Craver, Kate Daniken, Dawson Graber, Megan Hallemann, and R.J. Sinclair. Third year members – Grace Baum, Logan Doll, Wil Harnetiaux, Marissa Schaefer, and Jason Zeeb, Fourth year members –Taylor Huels, Dalton Knerrer, Levi Siebert, Chad Stearns and Cole Wall.

L to R – Dalton Knerrer, Brad Beckert, Cole Wall, Bryan Brunk, Levi Siebert, Taylor Huels, Chad Stearns, and Alexa Loddick

Chapter Proficiency award winners included Dalton Knerrer – Swine Production – 1st at Section and 2nd at District. Cole Wall – Beef Production Entreprenuership, Grain Production Entrepreneurship, Diversified Ag Production, Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship placing first at Section and 2nd at District. Leah Betts – Star Chapter Farmer and Goat Production Entreprenuership placing 1st at Section and District and 3rd at State, Jason Zeeb – Landscape Management placing 1st at Section and 2nd at District, Marissa Schaefer – Equine Science Entrepreneurship and Placement, Wil Harnetiaux – Beef Production Placement, Fiber and Oil Crop Production, Chapter Star in Ag Placement, Grain Production Placement and Diversified Crop Production Placement placing 1st at Section and 2nd at District, Carson Mathewson – Home and Community Development, Grace Baum – Diversified Livestock Production, Brad Beckert- Forestry Management and Products placing first at Section and District and 3rd at State, Chad Stearns – Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication and Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance placing first at Section and District and 3rd in State, Levi Siebert – Agricultural Education, Small Animal Care and Production placing 1st at Section and 2nd at District, Dawson Graber – Agriculture Services placing 1st at Section and 2nd at District, Logan Doll – Dairy Placement, Nancy Fritzsche – Food Service, Guadelupe Vences – Turf Grass Management, Leno Caldieraro – Wildlife Production and Management and Taylor Huels, – Dairy Production Entrepreneurship placing first in Section and District, and 3rd at State.

L to R –Front Dawson Graber, Leah Betts, Taylor Huels, and Wil Harnetiaux. L to R Second Jason Zeeb, Brad Beckert, Dalton Knerrer, Chad Stearns and Cole Wall. Not Picture Levi Siebert.

FFA Advisor Steve Zimmerman recognized the FFA Officers for the past year (pictured at top). Presented plaques were Cole Wall, president; Marissa Schaefer, vice president; Levi Siebert, secretary; Chad Stearns, treasurer; Dalton Knerrer, reporter; Taylor Huels, sentinel; Jason Zeeb, parliamentarian; Wil Harnetiaux, historian; and Logan Doll, chaplain.

Greenhand Officers for the year were Jack Wall, president; Andrew Reeves, vice president; Camden Fitzgerald, secretary; and Logan Williams, Reporter.

Guest speaker for the evening was Shaylee Clinton, Illinois FFA State Reporter.

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