KC Dedicates New Veterans Center


Kaskaskia College is continuing its commitment to supporting military, military veterans, military spouses and dependent children in areas of higher education with a dedication for its new Veteran and Military Family Student Center located on the College’s main campus. The Center, located just off the main Student Center, serves as a gathering place for all military-affiliated students (veterans, active duty, reserve, spouses, and dependents) to come together and build a network of camaraderie and support with other students from similar backgrounds.

It was a project that was a long time in the making, and one that many supporters were delighted to see happen. Guest speaker, KC student and a military veteran, Jodi Roper told audience members when she first came to KC she kept her military service to herself. “I wasn’t ashamed,” said Roper. “I just didn’t feel I could relate with other students.” That ended when Roper joined the KC Veterans Club. “I was able to speak with other veterans, relate with them on the struggles we face.” Roper said she believes the new Veterans Center will help others as well and thanked the donors who made the project possible.

KC student and military veteran Jodi Roper

In his remarks, KC President George Evans said the dedication was a good day for KC, telling veterans in attendance, this is the least the College can do for them for their service on behalf of this country. Evans added that the new center will be here are as long as there is a Kaskaskia College.

The new KC Veteran and Military Family Student Center is funded entirely through private donations and offers, veterans, military students and their dependents a place before, between, or after classes to study, relax, take a nap, grab a bite to eat, or just hang out. To learn more about the Center, as well as other services Kaskaskia College offers military and veteran students, please contact Carrie Hancock, Veterans Services Coordinator at 618-545-3075 or visit the college website at www.kaskaskia.edu/admissions/veteran-and-military-students.

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