Madison County Election Results

Looking at some select contested races in Madison County:

Four candidates were in the running to be a trustee in the Village of Grantfork. Voters were to select three. Nancy E. Schoen received 48 votes. Wendy M. Reinacher-Heilig received 45. The third trustee will be John Grindstaff, who received 29 votes. Wendelyn “Wendy” Essenpreis trailed with 23 votes.

In the race for Village President in Hamel, Larry Bloemker defeated Devin A. Bushrow. Bloemker received 142 votes, topping Bushrow’s 73 votes.

Voters were to select two city council members for the City of Highland. There were five candidates. John Hipskind and Sarah Sloan won, with 365 and 303 votes, respectively. Neill Nicolaides received 291, Aaron Schwarz had 234, and Gary Crosby had 217 votes.

Three village trustee seats were open in Livingston. They will be filled by Robert E. Engelke, who received 91 votes; Debra A. Atwood with 79; and Loraine A. Goldacker, who received 62. Austin Scarsdale and John Zeigler trailed with 47 votes apiece.

Voters were to select three village trustees in Marine, from seven candidates. The trustees will be Mark Voigt with 111 votes, Kenneth E. Moss with 106, and Rae Lynne Meyer with 102. John Perkins had 100 votes, William J. Ferris has 49, Terry W. Gergen, Sr. had 32, and Brian D. Kelley had 28.

In New Douglas, there were four candidates for three village trustee seats. Leonard “LD” Lindgens led with 51 votes, Jackie Mills had 49, and Margaret “Peggy” Dunn had 32. James Ridall trailed with 30.

In Roxana, three open village trustee seats will be filled by Dale Raymond, who received 104 votes; Steven C. White, who got 94; and Robert Lee Kelly, with 86. Michael Franks trailed with 40 votes.

Voters were to select four school board members for Triad Community Unit 2. There were six candidates. The top vote-getters were Ken Miller with 678, Jeff Hewitt with 659, Laura Gire Dods with 612, and Katherine M. Little with 580. Carl Dempsey and Corey Noder trailed with 516 and 435, respectively.

Complete election results follow. Election results are not official until canvassed.

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