MG Village Hall To Have New Roof


During the Mulberry Grove Village Board meeting Monday, board members accepted the bid of $16,275.00, from GPI in Vandalia, to replace the roof on the Village Hall.

Code Enforcement Officer Andy Vaughan presented a list of nine properties in the village which are in violation of various ordinances or in need of repairs or demolition. Board members decided to proceed with citations and legal processes.

Following discussion, the board agreed on a contract proposal to the Sanitation District Board. The Village Board proposes paying $500.00 per month to the Sanitation District for expenses, transfer ownership of equipment such as a mower, truck, etc. to village property, and continue to have village employees do mowing and other maintenance work at the sewer plant.

Board members passed a motion to increase trustee monthly compensation from $60.00 to $75.00. They also stipulated that board members not in attendance at a meeting do not get the compensation for that month. The increase will become effective in two years.

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