Sports Boosters Host Test Drive Fundraiser

Area residents are invited to help the Comet Sports Boosters Club with a big Fundraiser, a Ford test drive event, on Friday.

They can visit the Greenville High School cafeteria parking lot, after school is dismissed about 3:30 p.m., and test drive a new car from Tri-Ford in Highland.

Participants drive for free and taking a spin in a car provides money for the Sports Boosters.

Athletic Director Joe Alstat said for every test drive taken, Ford donates $20-$30. Alstat hopes to max out at $8,000. He expects the event to last until 6:30 or 7, which is a good timetable for you to enjoy a Wes Pourchot dinner and take in a few Comets games. Wes’s cookout is a benefit for the Lady Comets basketball team.

Click below to hear more from Alstat:

Money raised by the Sports Boosters benefits all sports at GHS.

Once again, the test drive and cookout is Friday afternoon at the high school cafeteria parking lot.

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