TIF Funds Requested For New Dollar General

Dollar General in its current location on Third Street in Greenville

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Greenville City Council discussed a request from The Westmore Group to receive TIF funds for a new Dollar General store.

No action was taken by the council, however the city manager was given permission to develop a TIF proposal with The Westmore Group which would be brought to the council for consideration.

The Westmore Group is the developer for Dollar General.

City Manager Dave Willey told the council the Dollar General lease expires in November of 2020. He expects the developer will need to deliver a store to them a couple of months prior to that. It takes six to ten months to build a store, so he would expect something to begin in September or October of this year. “We’ve advanced it back about e 3 or 4 months now to get it to April,” he said.

Willey said Dollar General will set the price for rent and the developer is given the project to find a way to get the rent to meet that objective. For the rent to meet the objective they’ve been given, it would require subsidies for the land and brick.

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The proposed site for the Dollar General store is the former location of The Bond Country Senior Center and Dust and Son at the intersection of Third Street and Summer Avenue.

The potential home of a new Dollar General store, the former Bond County Senior Center/Dust & Sons location, on Third Street in Greenville

Willey said The Westmore Group will be investing $1.6 million and seeks TIF money from the city to help defray some land and building costs.

The council held a lengthy discussion about the city manager’s suggestion that the building be entirely brick for aesthetic purposes. Most councilmen did not believe brick was necessary on all four sides.

Willey said new Dollar General stores are usually metal buildings or metal and masonry. He will bring back options for the council to consider.

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