Unit Two Board Personnel Action

In special session Monday evening, the Bond County Unit 2 board of education took action on several personnel matters.

Jennifer Papin was hired as a bus driver for three and a half hours per day, effective immediately.

Beginning with the 2019-20 school year, Sean Courty will be an English teacher at the high school.

Also hired for next year were Kristina Buehne. Rene Poths and Bryan Tebbe as special education teachers. Buehne will be at the high school, and Poths and Tebbe at Greenville Elementary School.

Approved as Early Childhood Education teachers for the 2019-20 school year were Heather Mueller, Trisha Gaffner and Tamara Thole.

The board took action to honorably dismiss Deborah Evans as a special education teacher at the high school, effective the end of this school year. She currently has a five-sevenths part-time job. Evans was re-employed for next school year to the same position for three teaching hours per day.

Keegan Nesch was hired as assistant boys’ soccer coach at the high school for the upcoming fall season.

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