Accelerated Reader Awards At GES

L to R: Demetrius Lucas, Maddie Emmers, James Matthews & Katy Littlefield

Students at Greenville Elementary School were honored Wednesday for their efforts in the accelerated reader program for the year.

The top point earner in the school was fifth grader Katy Littlefield with 314.7 points.

Katy Littlefield

Class leaders were Littlefield in fifth grade, James Matthews in fourth grade with 223.4 points, Maddie Emerson in the third grade with 233.2 points, and Demetrius Lucas in second grade with 101.1 points.

Top point earners by individual class were Nola Young, Demetrius Lucas, Taevon Petty and Olivia Durbin in the second grade; Natalie Goggin, Maddie Emerson, Maddie Beckert and Sylvie Smerick-Garrett in the third grade; Drake Graber, Brandon Hulbert, Audrey Cornelius and James Matthews in the fourth grade; and Ella Kleiner, Katy Littlefield, Daniel Graham and Logan Smith in the fifth grade.

Second place finishers were Ian Walker, Olivia Goodson, Ryder Johnson and Trinity Plannette in the second grade; Benjamin Wittig, Kira Ackerman, Cole Wayman and Isaiah Matthews in the third grade; Bailey Taylor, Brooke Wayman, Yoseph Golovay and Joeli Dietz in the fourth grade and Erin Drannan, Jay Miller, Brock Riedemann and Caleb Ward in the fifth grade.

Third place finishers were Kendra McGuire, Isaac Sussenbach, Christopher Smith and Ezhale Valleroy in the second grade; Wynn Wilson, Cannon Hamel, Logan Beckham and Christian Swalley in the third grade; Ava Scott, Austin Swalley, Olivia Wells and Austin Hughes in the fourth grade; and Kaleena Botulunski, Aliyah McNeill, Dominic Sanchez and Griffin Prater in the fifth grade.

First place finishers received trophies. Other students were given ribbons.

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