City Water Tower To Be Repainted, Additional Pressure Expected

The City of Greenville’s water tower along Beaumont Avenue will be repainted in the near future.

The city council has approved a bid from Handfland Painting of Sigel. City Manager Dave Willey reported it’s a good deal for Greenville. The low bid for the work came in at $166,840, which is considerably lower than what the city had budgeted. Willey said the company has a lot of experience.

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The painting project should be completed in this fiscal year, which ends next April 30.

The council still needs to make a decision whether or not to apply a logo. Greenville University at one time expressed an interest in the logo since the tower is surrounded by the campus.

Willey is trying to find out if the university is still interested.

The council also took action to improve the amount of water available in the tower.

An actuator and valve will be replaced at a price of $14,686.

The city manager said this will make a big improvement. The system was installed when the industrial park water tower was built, which causes 25 feet of the Beaumont water tower to be unusable. Replacing and using this valve will allow them to use those 25 feet again, which he said is a “pretty huge deal”. That amount is ¼ of the water tower, which constitutes 125,000 gallons of water at the top of the tower, which creates water pressure.

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