Cleaning & Restoration Of Thrift Shop Underway

Since a fire occurred April 22, 2019 at the HSHS Holy Family Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop located at 700 S. 4th Street, Greenville, the Thrift Shop has been closed until further notice.

President and CEO Kelly Sager provided the following update on the progress that has been made to the Thrift Shop. “We appreciate everyone who has been so supportive through this event. We have had a complete assessment done of the damage and completed an inventory of a few salvageable items,” she explained. “We are currently having the Thrift Shop safely cleaned by the Woodard Cleaning and Restoration Company from St. Louis, MO, who specializes in this type of cleanup.” Woodard began their cleanup this week and should be completed in the next two weeks.

After their cleanup of the building will be the construction phase, which is going out for bid shortly. Following construction, the Thrift Shop will begin re-stocking inventory. Cleanup, construction and then restocking of the Thrift Shop are anticipated to take 45-60 days, with hopes that the Thrift Shop will be open in early July. An opening date will be confirmed and communicated in the future.

Due to the lack of storage space, the Auxiliary Thrift Shop cannot take donations of any items or clothing at this time. Marian Embry, director of volunteer services, shared, “While the Auxiliary truly appreciates the community’s generosity and willingness to help stock the Thrift Shop, we ask that people keep their items they would like to donate at home for the time being until the Thrift Shop is ready to accept donations,” she said. The hospital will make a public announcement when the Thrift Shop is ready to accept donations to re-stock the shop.

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