Electronics Recycling A Big Draw

City crews help a resident dropping off electronics this past weekend.

The annual Greenville Electronics Recycling Program was another big event last Friday and Saturday at the Greenville Public Works Department.

Bill Grider, public works superintendent, said despite rain Saturday, the workers stayed busy with items brought in. He doesn’t have a measurement of total tonnage, but there were two complete semi-trailer loads. Each one holds 48 skids, double stacked. There were still 7 more skids that didn’t fit on trucks. He said that’s more than average from previous years. He said he was surprised to see that half of the content collected were old tube-style TVs.

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Since the recycling company charges the city for the old TVs, the city council decided this year to assess $5 per set dropped off. Grider said only a few people were not aware of the charge.

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