FNB Makes Donation For Thrift Shop Corner

The HSHS Holy Family Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop corner in Greenville is a busy spot for seven months out of the year. From cookouts to donuts sales to the Garden Club’s plant sale, the corner is utilized by dozens of not-for-profit groups for their fundraisers. The First National Bank is making a donation to HSHS Holy Family Hospital that will make set-up a little easier for those using the corner.

The bank is donating a 10 x 12 wooden shed, folding tables and chairs, and portable tents to the hospital. These will be located on the east side of the lot, providing easy access for those having fundraisers. They may only be used for fundraisers held on the corner. Until the Thrift Shop is reopened, keys to the shed are being kept by Pourchot and at The First National Bank’s Greenville branch.

“We’re happy to partner with HSHS Holy Family Hospital on this project,” said Dusty Bauer, vice president and branch manager of The First National Bank’s Greenville location. “We believe this project is an extension of our hometown people/hometown spirit philosophy.”

John Goldsmith, FNB marketing director, commented, “I’ve volunteered at several Wes Pourchot cookouts over the years and I know from first-hand experience that locating tables, chairs, and tents is one of the biggest challenges. We hope our donation will make the job a little easier for everyone.”

Lisa Smith, Holy Family Hospital foundation manager, stated “We were excited when FNB brought their idea to us as the hospital has had a long history of allowing fundraising organizations to host cookouts on our Thrift Shop lot. Helping non-profits in this way aligns well with our HSHS core values of respect, care, competence and joy. Partnering with FNB has truly been a pleasure in that it allows us to further help others in the community.”

The First National Bank was founded in 1865 and has locations in Greenville, Mulberry Grove, Vandalia, Ramsey, and Patoka.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the First National Bank
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