Fourth Fest Glow Run Results

Boco RunCo Director Chrisy Ennen gives final instructions before the start.

The first Bond County Fourth Fest 5K Glow Run was a big success Friday night in Greenville.

Crystal Grove, run director, said 90 people signed up and 86 ran.

The overall men’s winner was Ryker Grove of Greenville with a time of 20 minutes, 11 seconds.

Overall winner Ryker Grove is Greenville.

Local resident Melissa Albert won the women’s division with a time of 28 minutes, 57 seconds.

They were given trophies.

The top four finishers in each age division received medals.

Bond County Fourth Fest volunteer Patti Brooks paints the face of Carson Bearley of Greenville prior to Friday night’s race.
Samantha Carter, Harley Rensing and Lorraine Albert pick out their colors for the run.

Finishing first were Mark Weaver, Erin Peppler, Kameron Vinzel, Rebecca Stewart, Jeff Graham, Amber Miller, Terry Marshall, Jaymie Tebbe, Tracey Stewart, John Kalmer and Marla Ennen.

For the remaining participants, medals were awarded to the top 4 finishers in each age division.

Men 19 and under:
1st Place, Mark Weaver
2nd Place, Xavior Graham
3rd Place, Daniel Graham
4th Place, Carson Bearley

Women 19 and under:
1st Place, Erin Peppler
2nd Place, Addison Bearley
3rd Place, Anna Walker
4th Place, Kinley Grove

Men 20-29:
1st Place, Kameron Vinzel
2nd Place, Jake Orzel
No other participants in this category

Women 20-29:
1st place, Rebecca Stewart
2nd Place, Megan Kistler
3rd Place, Emily Barbey
4th Place, Harley Rensing

Men 30-39:
1st place, Jeff Graham
2nd Place, Kyle LaTempt
3rd Place, Justin Brunious

Women 30-39:
1st Place, Amber Miller
2nd Place, Kelly Curll
3rd Place, Jenny Deichmann
4th Place Crystal Kahre

Men 40-49:
1st Place: Terry Marshall
2nd Place Brian Clodfelter
3rd Place Jason Pierce

Women 40-49:
1st place: Jaymie Tebbe
2nd place: Denise Jackson
3rd place: Shannon Graham
4th place: Katya Akshatina

No men 50-59 competed

Women 50-59:
1st, Tracey Stewart
2nd Stephanie Hays
3rd Brenda Boyer

Men 60 and over:
1st, John Kalmer
2nd Kevin Childers

Women 60 and over:
1st Marla Ennen
2nd Jan Schrage
3rd Jan Kalmer
4th Doris Stoneking

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Walker Photography
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