GES Character Council Visits Bond County Court

Thursday Afternoon, approximately 70 third, fourth and fifth grade students from the Greenville Elementary School were in Bond County Circuit Court.

They weren’t in trouble, but were actually welcomed by Resident Judge Chris Bauer and State’s Attorney Dora Mann.

Judge Bauer told WGEL the students make up the Character Council at GES, which is part of the character education program. He said the kids volunteer to be part of the council and each try to exemplify four specific characteristics: respect, responsibility, integrity, and compassion. Bauer said he and State’s Attorney Dora Mann talked with the students about the importance of those traits.

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The students are leaders in their school, according to Judge Bauer. He said they are volunteering their time and putting in extra work to implement the key character traits in their school and community. Bullying prevention is a big component of the program. He also said some of the students are part of an ambassador team, who write special thank you notes and notes of encouragement to other students.

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Upon arrival, the boys and girls were greeted at the doors to the courthouse, went to the large courtroom to learn about the court system, and toured the court facilities on the second floor.

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