Greenville Police Warn Of Scam Calls

The Greenville Police Department is warning of a scam impacting many in our area. Police say they have received numerous calls from concerned residents over the past three days – including 12 before 10 AM Friday alone.

Residents say they are getting calls claiming to be from the Social Security office, saying they will suspect the resident’s social security number if they don’t stop their suspicious activity. That warning is followed by a request for money.

The majority of the calls so far have come from the number 360-660-1777, which is a Washington State number. The calls may not always come from that number.

Police remind that if you receive such a call, simply hang up; do not give any personal information.

If you are concerned you may have been the victim of a scam, or for more information, call the Greenville Police Department at 664-2131.

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