Review Set For City Flood Map


At Tuesday night’s Greenville City Council meeting, the council passed a motion to hire Millennia Professional Service of Fairview Heights to review the current flood plains map and provide suggestions.

The work will cost the city $9,800

City Manager Dave Willey said the need for Millennia’s work came up when FEMA notified the city that they would be looking at the city’s flood plain mapping. By bringing in Millennia, the city hopes to get ahead of the process, look at the map before FEMA addresses it, and offer FEMA an engineered map they can be comfortable with.

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Mayor Alan Gaffner said it is important for the city to provide input to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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The flood map also affects insurance rates.

Willey believes the city needs to be proactive in this process.

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Millennia’s work should be completed in about 30 days. Willey said that is about the same time frame he anticipates FEMA will begin addressing Greenville’s map.

The council also approved an engineering services agreement with Millennia, for $8,500, to conduct a Phase I storm water study to identify storm sewer needs and future storm water work.

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