Sorento Odd Fellows Banner Donated To DeMoulin Museum

Ainslie Heilich, guest speaker at the DeMoulin Museum's recent Odd Fellows program, poses with a Sorento Odd Fellows banner, donated by WGEL's John Kennedy.

About 20 years ago, WGEL’s John Kennedy saved colorful Odd Fellows banners in a downtown Greenville building from being tossed away.

Last weekend, he surprised DeMoulin Museum Curator John Goldsmith by donating the banners to the museum.

Goldsmith said the banners are a welcome addition.

He told WGEL the donation was timely as it was made during the celebration of the Odd Fellows bicentennial last weekend at the museum.

The banner was from the Odd Fellows Lodge #656 in Sorento. It was made and hand painted by the DeMoulin factory around 1900. The artifact will be professionally framed for protection and so it can be displayed.

Goldsmith said the last few years of the Odd Fellows existence in Greenville, they were based above the old Bond Theater. When one lodge closed, their artifacts were moved to a neighboring community, which explains how Sorento items came to be in Greenville.

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