Storms Sweep Through WGEL Listening Area

A listener in Old Ripley shared this photo of large hail with us Tuesday night.

Our area certainly didn’t need any more rain, but we got a lot in what turned out to be an eventful Tuesday evening.

A squall line of storms moved across Missouri through the day and impacted the WGEL listening area just after 7 PM. At that point, a tornado warning was called for part of Madison County. A series of severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings were issued for Bond and all surrounding counties, progressively moving eastward as the storm system did the same. As of 10 PM last night, no tornadoes were confirmed in the WGEL listening area, however the system remained capable of producing a tornado the entire time is passed through.

A listener called from Sorento and said their ditches had run over and their yard was covered in water. One listener in St. Rose said they received 1.13 inches of rain in just 15 minutes. A WGEL fan in Old Ripley reported large hail. Otherwise, authorities in Bond and surrounding counties all told us they hadn’t received any reports of weather-related damage, outside of a few flooded roads.

If you have any pictures of the impact of last night’s storms, you can send them to us on the First National Bank text line or email them to

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