Tax Bills In Property Owners’ Hands


Many Bond County property owners have received tax bills in the mail, according to County Treasurer Mark Robertson.

He told WGEL the bills went out last Monday and Tuesday and residents should be seeing them now. If you don’t, you should follow up by the middle of this week. You can mail the check or bring check or cash to his office, along with the corresponding stub. You can also make a deposit to cover the bill at participating banks.

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Supervisor of Assessments Georgia Shank advises taxpayers to review their bills to make sure all of their exemptions have been applied.

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Shank said if there are questions about exemptions contact her office at 664-2848.

Treasurer Robertson said several property owners quickly visited his office to pay their taxes. This year’s deadlines are July 3 for the first installment and September 3 for the second installment.

Those with questions about tax bills should call the treasurer’s office at 664-0618.

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