City Street Improvement Program

The Greenville City Council has decided on a major street improvement program for this year.

At this month’s meeting, the council agreed to do asphalt overlays on Willow Street from Ash to Pecan, Elm Street and Eastern Avenue. It has been learned there will be additional costs on the sub-base of Eastern Avenue and 12 road patches are needed throughout the city where some type of road or meter repairs have been done.

A motion was approved 4-0, to approve work on those streets at a cost of $256,580 by Rooters Asphalt of Beckemeyer. Councilman Bill Carpenter was absent.

During the discussion, Councilwoman Lisa Stephens and City Manager Dave Willey agreed the city could use more funds to improve streets. One method to receive more would be to ask citizens to increase the current half-cent sales tax that has been used for street work.

This would have to be done by referendum, so there is a possibility in the near future that could be on the ballot.

During the meeting, Stephens said the city needs to investigate ways to build up funds to allow them to address more street repairs. Willey said putting the matter on a ballot would be a way to tell the public about the need and could garner public support.

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The current half-cent sales tax brings in about $325,000 per year. The maximum it could be raised is to one cent.

It was noted the city was about $35,000 over budget for last year’s street program, and about $80,000 has been set aside for a bill still to be received on a federal route project.

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