City Streets Oiled July 9 & 10


The City of Greenville has scheduled road maintenance in July.

Twenty-five sections of streets will be oiled and chipped July 9th and 10th.

They include:

Linder from Route 140 to Killarney

College from Dewey to the east end

Parent from Durley to Hena

Dewey from College to Vine

Main from Stephens to the east end and from Fifth to Sunset Point

All of Mark Place

Biggs from Vine to Winter

Vine from the east end to Hena and from Ivy to the west end

Winter from Ivy to Stephens and from Stephens to Second

Robin from Stephens to White

Ward from Clarence to Ivy

Washington from Clarence to the east end and from Spruce to Second

Idler from Andrews Drive for 350 feet north

Clarence from Harris to Spring

Spring from Spruce to Clarence and from Second to Prairie

Spruce from South to Harris

Prairie from South to Harris

Fourth from Route 40 to the south end

Cardinal from Elm Street to the east end

Maybry from Rt. 127 to the west end

Signs will be posted along the streets leading up to the two days of work, which are planned for 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, weather permitting.

Cars and trucks should not be parked on those streets when oiling is ready to be done.

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