Cloverbud Camp Introduces Youth To Students In Zambia

Each Cloverbud Camp session had a chance to video chat with students at MICS in Zambia. They were excited to learn all the things they had in common.

Cloverbud Camp gives local youth between the ages of five and seven to get a taste of the camp experience, while learning about life in another country. Two day camp sessions were offered, with almost 40 youth participating. Campers took a safari tour to find the animals of Africa, used virtual reality to explore the terrain of Southern Africa identifying animals in their natural habitat while exploring. They also took an adventure to Tanzania Africa exploring positive thinking with Lulu the lion, created paper beads, one of the many arts of Africa, designed the animals of Africa and enjoyed making and learning about giraffes during snack time.

Jacob Bohn displays the giraffe snack campers created.
The Teen Leaders try out the photo backdrop they made for the kids. Each camper got to pose in the backdrop and received a copy of the photo as a souvenir from their safari adventure.
Kaori Daira helps a camper get ready for one of the games. Kaori is an exchange student through Illinois States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs. She recently traveled back home to Japan, but was an active Clinton County 4-H member while living in the area.

The highlight of the camp was the opportunity to video chat with students from Macha International Christian School (MICS) in Macha, Zambia. The MICS students and the campers both have a love of soccer and speak English! These campers now have a better understanding of the African culture and way of life. They gained an appreciation for things like running water, warm showers, variety of food and their homes. The day camps were planned and led by local teens who are involved in the 4-H Federation, summer 4-H staff Hanna Voss, and local 4-H program coordinator Cheryl Timmermann.

For more information about the Clinton County 4-H program, call the Clinton County Extension Office at 618-526-4551.

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