Council Continues Dollar General Building Discussion

Dollar General in its current location on Third Street in Greenville

Tuesday night, the Greenville City Council discussed what it would like the outside of a new Dollar General building to look like.

In the end, no decision was made. The council asked for more examples of existing Dollar General buildings elsewhere in the state.

City Manager Dave Willey would like to see an all-brick building.

The possible site is the open lots between Third and Fourth streets, about a block south of the downtown square. Part of the property at one time was the site of the Bond County Senior Center.

Willey told the council he believes the location warrants a substantial building for aesthetic purposes.

The council was given three options Tuesday night. One was all metal, which most of the council members did not like. The others were all-masonry, and partial masonry and metal.

Bill Walker, economic development coordinator, advised the council that no matter what the outside wall is made of, there will be a fenced-in area along the back of the building.

Walker said current plans are for the rear of the building to be along Fourth Street and the front face Third Street.

Westmore Group, the developer for Dollar General, has requested a TIF agreement with the city and a proposal is being developed. The material used in the construction of the building would affect the amount of money in the TIF agreement.

Willey has stated the Westmore Group will be investing $1.6 million and seeks TIF money to help defray some land and building costs.

According to the city manager, plans call for the new building to be one-third larger than the current store.

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