Court Fees Going Up In IL


In their recent meeting, Circuit Clerk Rex Catron told the Bond County Board court fees were going up in Illinois.

Following the meeting, Catron told WGEL the state legislature passed a new bill a few months ago that constitutes a sweeping change in how the state assesses fees. He said the old system had gotten very complicated and varied across the state from one county to another.

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Catron explained what the change will mean for Bond County residents. “The short answer is it means prices are going up,” he said. The fee for a simple traffic ticket is going to go from $120 to $164. Seat belt tickets are now $60 and will also jump to $164. Other traffic tickets will increase from $120 to $251. Filing costs for divorce cases will double.

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Circuit Clerk Catron said part of the goal of the new legislation is standardization of the part of those fees received by the county. In the past, there was a percentage range that counties could claim as their portion of the fees. Bond County was always on the lower end of that rage. So Catron believes Bond County will come out ahead financially with the increase in fees, but some Illinois counties who were on the higher end of that range will now receive less.

Discounted fees on civil and criminal cases are available for those who meet certain income requirements. Those discounts will not apply to traffic fees.

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