Dairy, A Big Part Of Local Economy, Celebrated In June

June is National Dairy Month. Agriculture is a major part of our local economy and dairy farming is a big component therein.

We spoke recently with local dairy farmer Frank Doll who told us the dairy industry has changed a lot over the years. Doll said he’s nearly 50 and when he was in high school there were over 50 dairy farms in the area. There are 11 now. Efficiency has improved, though. Doll said those 11 farms produce more milk than the 50 did previously.

Doll said he employs around 15 part time employees and he likes to give high school and college students the opportunity to work on a dairy farm.

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Doll also detailed some of the ways the wet spring and early summer has been a challenge for all farmers. He said it was tough to get corn in the ground. Most of the corn that is up is good. Frank said he’s struggling to get enough corn to survive to cover his silage feed needs. He’s in the process of purchasing grain for the fall and winter. He also hopes to see more dry sunny days to make alfalfa hay. He said farmers are in “scramble mode” but they’ll get through the challenge.

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Frank Doll will be our guest this Sunday on WGEL’s Public Affairs program, along with Jill Williams of the St. Louis Dairy Council, as we discuss the many aspects of National Dairy Month.

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