Dairy Days Contest Results

L to R: Justin Brunious, Junior Miss Dakota Kruep, Miss Bond County Fair Kallie Gan, and Noel Harnetiaux

Dairy Days was a big success over the weekend in downtown Greenville.

Three dairy-related contests were held Saturday.

The cow milking contest was a battle between Justin Brunious from People’s State Bank and Noel Harnetiaux from Bond County Realtors.

After 90 seconds of milking, Miss Bond County Fair Kallie Gan and Junior Miss Dakota Kruep peered into the buckets to try to determine who had the most milk.

It was close, but Noel Harnetiaux was declared the winner.

WGEL’s Jeff Leidel asked Harnetiaux how she felt about being champion of the newly-revived Dairy Days milking contest. She said she’d never done it before and it wasn’t as icky as she expected. She also mentioned that her ancestors were dairy farmers.

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There were four entries in the homemade ice cream making contest and the winner was Don Stover. He added chocolate coffee sauce to his chocolate ice cream.

Five persons competed in the ice cream eating contest.

Emerging as the champion, and showing signs of being extremely full, was Eli Borwick.

L to R: Junior Miss Dakota Kruep, Eli Borwick, and Miss Bond County Fair Kallie Gan
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