Financial Scheme Involves Property Deeds


Bond County Clerk and Recorder Meg Sybert reports she has been made aware of an apparent financial scheme regarding property owners obtaining copies of their deeds.

She told WGEL citizens have been receiving a mailer from an office in Pekin, IL stating if they want a copy of their deed its $89. That business would then call Sybert’s office and request a copy of the deed which costs between $3 and $5. She said it’s simply a money making scheme. Sybert said you are not required have to have a copy of your deed, but you can get one any time and it does not cost $89. She said they’re available for the “copy rate” of $1 for the first page and 50 cents for additional pages.

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The letter mailed to property owners actually states they can also obtain a copy of their deed from the county recorder.

Anyone wanting additional information should call County Clerk Sybert at 664-0449. The office is in the County Office Building at 203 West College Avenue in Greenville.

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