Pelican Rescue On Governor Bond Lake

WGEL fan Lori File shared this remarkable story about a unique animal rescue with us this week…

Sunday, I was kayaking on Governor Bond Lake when I came upon a Great White Pelican who had a catfish caught in his throat sack. He was dirty and exhausted. I knew it would take several people to help this poor creature.

Elizabeth Willey came along on her wave runner. I pointed to the injured pelican. She said she would help me. Elizabeth went to get her family. She came back with people on a pontoon boat. Darrell Logue and Andrew Willey are experienced fisherman. Since the bird was exhausted, it could not fly away like it normally would. The two got out of their boat. Darrell and Andrew caught him quickly. They got the catfish fin out of the bird’s throat sack.

The pelican had some injury to its throat sack, and other than exhaustion, it seemed like it would be ok. It happily flew away. That was one lucky bird to have this exact group of people show up and know how to save its life. He would have surely perished. It was so nice of the Willey family to come to this bird’s rescue.

Lori File

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