Water Tower To Feature City Logo


Following a discussion whether or not it was worth the money to paint a logo on the Beaumont Avenue water tower, the Greenville City Council voted to proceed with it.

In May, the council approved a bid to repaint the water tower, located off Beaumont Avenue with trees near it. At that time, a decision was not made about the logo because Greenville University officials at one time had an interest in having the university’s name on the tower.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey reported at the June meeting the university no longer wants it. He said it becomes a community pride issue, for people to see the city’s logo. He said you don’t see many blank water towers.

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Willey said the university was concerned about the visibility of the water tower, the same issue brought up by Council Woman Lisa Stephens. She said when people are driving by, they usually don’t notice the tower due to its location.

Stephens added that many cities have just the name of the town on the tower without a logo.

The city manager believes there is not much difference in the cost for just a name without a logo.

While other council members agreed the tower is not noticeable, Mayor Alan Gaffner said it can be better seen when the leaves are off the trees.

He made a motion to paint the logo on the tower at the bid price of $10,000. The vote was 4-0 with Bill Carpenter absent.

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