Willey Represents Greenville On China Trip

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey returned home over the weekend from a trip to China, representing the city at a business program.

Last month, Mayor Alan Gaffner announced that through the sponsorship of the Greenville International Outstanding Achievement Award, a city official was asked to take part in the Hong Kong ceremony.

Since he was unable, the mayor recommended Willey attend. Greenville University was also represented due to its current relationship with China.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting. Willey reported the relationship could possibly result in benefits for Greenville down the road. He said some of the people involved in the program are interested in a stronger relationship with the City of Greenville and Greenville University because it builds a stronger system for them.

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The city manager’s trip was one week and the ceremony took place June 5.

Airfare and hotel costs were paid by the International Fellowship Fund, and Willey reported the city covered incidental expenses including meals.

Willey told the council he felt the city certainly received as much in contacts and relationships for the minimal money expended for the trip.

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