Council Makes Decision On Dollar General Building

Dollar General in its current location on Third Street in Greenville

After several hours of discussion at multiple meetings, the Greenville City Council has decided the new Dollar General building will be constructed of masonry on all sides.

The vote was 4-1 with Councilman Kyle Littlefield against the motion.

City Manager Dave Willey said the city received several opinions from various residents about the issue. He said some people were in favor of a full masonry building, while others felt that was a waste of money. He said some think people don’t care what the exterior looks like, they just care about shopping inside the store.

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Littlefield stated most of the feedback he received from residents was against a complete masonry building.

Mayor Alan Gaffner commented most of his comments were for it.

The proposed location for the new store, which would be one-third larger than the current one, is the southwest corner of the intersection of Third and Summer streets, about two blocks from the downtown square.

At the recent council meeting, Willey once again expressed his support for an all masonry building. He said it tends to be the toughest of the construction materials, lasts longest, produces higher appraisals, produces a larger tax base, and has a look and feel that is substantial and that people like.

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Westmore Group, the developer for Dollar General, has requested a TIF agreement with the city and a proposal is being developed. The material used in the construction will affect the amount of money in the TIF agreement.

Councilmen emphasized the money will not come out of the overall city budget, and the downtown TIF fund has plenty to cover the all-masonry provision.

Current plans are for the rear of the building to be along Fourth Street, with a parking lot off Third Street in front of it.

Westmore Group is investing $1.6 million. Willey said the cost for an all-masonry building is slightly over $100,000.

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