Former Greenville Resident Makes Second TV Appearance

This photo of former Greenville resident Suzanne Buschjost was shown on "Live With Kelly and Ryan" Monday morning.

A former Greenville resident made a return appearance Monday morning on the national television show “Live With Kelly and Ryan.”

Suzanne Buschjost, who now lives in St. Charles, Missouri, is the daughter of Darryl and Sally Bolen, also formerly from Greenville.

The TV show has a trivia segment in which viewers are contacted and asked a question about a topic mentioned on a previous recent show.

Suzanne was also called by the show three years ago. She did not win the big prize, a trip, but received a $500 gift card.

This time it was different.

Suzanne told Jeff Leidel she was excited to be on the program again. She said she enters as often as she can.

Click below to hear her comments:

Suzanne and her parents are on a trip to the east coast, so she had to be creative when she realized she had not seen last Friday’s show. She said she Facetimed her mother in law and watched Friday’s DVR recording of Friday’s show between calls from the program.

She was asked what household tool we can attribute to NASA. The answer is the Dustbuster. Suzanne won a 7-day all-inclusive trip to a resort and spa in Antigua.

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The trip is valued at over $9,000. Suzanne said she and her husband, Matt, will plan on going, but her three daughters are disappointed the trip is only for two.

Suzanne also won a mug from the show as she was able to stump the hosts about which of two questions about her was true. The hosts didn’t think Suzanne has a dog named Minerva.

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