Greenville Hydrant Flushing Scheduled

The City of Greenville has scheduled its annual fire hydrant flushing for the summer.

It will begin July 8 and extend through August 9, flushing hydrants from the water plant to the water towers and going out from the towers to the end of the water mains.

Greenville Public Works Superintendent Bill Grider said the process helps make sure all hydrants are in good working order. It also keeps the lines clean and keeps fresh water in the system.

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Residents may experience some water discoloration if the flushing is occurring in their area.

Grider said the water mains and towers are just like the hot water heater in a home. Sediment gathers at the bottom and needs to be flushed away.

According to Grider, the city has about 430 fire hydrants.

Those with questions can call Grider at 664-1644 or the water plant at 664-0131.

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