Voter Registration Cards In The Mail

New voter registration cards have been mailed to Bond County residents by Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert.

She told WGEL her office goes through a “voter registration purge”. A card is sent to every registered voter in Bond County. If the information is correct on your card, you do not need to take any action. This process helps keep the clerk’s office updated on any changes, such as a new address.

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Sybert said registered voters should check to make sure the cards have the correct name, address and precinct they live in.

Over 11,000 cards were mailed. This time they have red printing on white cards.

Sybert said if a resident believes they are registered, but they don’t receive a card soon, be patient. She said it could take a few weeks for it to arrive. If you still don’t receive one, call her office and they’ll make sure your information is accurate.

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The county clerk’s office can be reached by phone at 664-0449. It is located at 203 West College Avenue in Greenville.

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