Council Talks Monday Flood

Monday’s flood was a topic of discussion at the Greenville City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Adam Boudouris, who lives at the intersection of Killarney and Dewey Street, expressed his concern that a storm water grate was clogged with debris. His home basement was flooded as were many other basements in the Greenville area. Boudouris asked that everybody do their part to limit the damage caused by flooding.

Everyone agreed Monday’s storm dropped an extraordinary amount of rain. Over 9 inches was received in Greenville with some amounts close to the city at 12 inches.

City Manager Dave Willey said the out-end of the pipes in question were full of water, so while he is concerned about debris on the grates, there’s no way to be sure how much water it would stop. He said there were multiple issues Monday and noted the city can’t prevent, it can only manage, situations like that. Willey said there were over two inches per hour at times during the rainfall. The lake was up 5 feet over normal pool.

Click below to hear more from the City Manager:

Councilman Kyle Littlefield reported he heard from many citizens who expressed their concerns about flooding and wanted to make sure the city was doing all it could do.

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