Demo Derby Results

It was nearly a packed house Saturday night for the car demolition derby at the Bond County Fair.

Action was held in three classes with 31 cars starting the Old School Class.

Only one heat was held and it took an hour and 20 minutes to complete. It was 10:53 p.m. when a winner was declared.

In the end, the first place trophy and $2,000 went to Don Santel of New Memphis.

Terry Ahrens of Breese took second place, Matt Oglesby of Pocahontas was third, Trevis Blevins of Pocahontas, fourth; Paul Neely of Greenville, fifth; Mark Becker of Highland, sixth; Juston Mains of Greenville, seventh; Blake Klemke of Aviston, eighth; David Maples of Greenville, ninth; and Anthony Bone of Greenville, 10th.

Thirteen cars were in the compact class. First place went to Aaron Cheep of Evansville, Illinois.

Seth Strothheide of Greenville was second; Riley Lape of Vandalia, third; Chad Sexton of Greenville, fourth; and Chandler Smith of Highland, fifth.

The stock class was won by Josh Bingham of Greenville. Eight cars were in the event.

The Mad Dog Award was presented to Terry Ahrens of Breese.

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