Dollar General Agreement

Dollar General in its current location on Third Street in Greenville

The City of Greenville has entered into a development agreement which will pave the way for a new Dollar General store in the city.

At Monday’s special council meeting, a motion was passed 5-0 to approve the agreement with Westmore Group, the developer for Dollar General.

It allows up to $300,000 in city TIF funds for the project. City Manager Dave Willey said two-thirds of that amount will be used for property costs. The other $100,000 is for TIF-eligible expenses.

The agreement requires that the building be all masonry, as favored by the majority of council members.

The new building will be located between Third and Fourth streets, on the south side of Summer Avenue, a block south of the current Dollar General. It will be one third larger.

The lease on the current building expires in November of 2020. It is anticipated construction on the new one will begin early next year.

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