FNB Collecting For Local Food Programs

FNB Community Bank's Dusty Bauer unloading supplies for the bank's Unit 1 & Unit 2 Backpack Program collection.

The FNB Community Bank of Greenville and Mulberry Grove is partnering with Capri IGA to collect food for weekend backpack programs at Unit 1 and Unit 2 school districts. Students, who have been identified by teachers as having a need, are provided with a backpack full of canned vegetables and pastas, juice boxes, granola bars, and other easy to make snacks. FNB employee Kristin Wasmuth, who is leading the bank’s collection, said, “This is our third consecutive year of helping the local backpack programs. We recognize there is a nutritional need in our community and this is our chance to pay it forward to the children.”

Lauren Vohlken and Lauren Hahn are coordinators of Unit 2’s Weekend Backpack Program, which is open to students in Pre-K through 5th grade in Greenville and Pre-K through 8th grade in Sorento and Pocahontas. Last year, 85 students were served. According to Vohlken, “Our mission is to pick up where federal and state government-funded meal programs fall short, in that they provide no benefit to students on weekends or holidays. At least one out of every five children in our county is food insecure. Our program provides students with kid-friendly, individually packaged food items that are easy to prepare, even without a stove or other equipment. With a district average poverty rate of 49%, this program is essential to our community.”

Pastor Randy Whitehead from the First Church of Christ in Mulberry Grove leads the effort for the Unit 1 School District, which served 32 children from Pre-K through 6th grade last year. Whitehead appreciates the support of donors. “Bond County truly has a heart for the children God had blessed us with. Thank you to The FNB for working with us to meet this need.”

You may drop off food donations at The FNB Community Bank of Greenville or Mulberry Grove and Capri IGA from August 28 through September 9. You may also purchase pre-bagged items for $9.99 at Capri IGA. The FNB will also be making a cash donation to purchase food for the backpacks.

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