PHOTOS: Unique Clouds From Tuesday Storms

A shelf cloud over Pocahontas

WGEL received several reports of unique and intense-looking clouds prior to and during Tuesday’s thunderstorms.

Just prior to the arrival of the rain, very low-hanging clouds were spotted over Greenville. A Pocahontas resident shared this photo of the storm system’s arrival:

WGEL’s Jimi Pirtle was in Pocahontas in the mid-afternoon Tuesday, after the initial round of storms. He captured these shots, plus the one above, of a shelf cloud:

These photos also came in from throughout the WGEL listening area (locations specified in captions)…

Bond County Fairgrounds
Near Walmart in Highland
In Highland on Troxler looking east 2
In Highland on Troxler looking east 2
Near the FCI in Greenville
Rt. 40 at Rt. 127 in Greenville
On Bowman Drive in Greenville
Near Greenville Airport
Near Greenville Airport
Over the FNB Community Bank in Greenville
Rt. 40 west of Vandalia
Rt. 40 west of Vandalia
Rt. 40 west of Vandalia
In Vandalia
The sky above Greenville
Red Ball Trail
A peaceful view after the storm

As always if you have any photos to share with us from Tuesday’s storms, please text them to us on the FNB Community Bank Text Line at 618-664-3300 or email

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