Study Details GU’s $92 Million Economic Impact

A recent study shows Greenville University has a total annual economic impact of $92 million on the State of Illinois and estimates the school supports 690 Illinois jobs.

The study was conducted be Econsult Solutions of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it was commissioned by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

It was noted the university spends $37 million in goods and services through local and state resources, plus employees spend locally; $4 million in construction and renovation projects support jobs and create demand for goods and services, and $2 million is spent by students and visitors at local businesses.

The study indicated a wage premium of $49 million as college graduates earn higher average salaries and generate greater tax revenues than high school only graduates. It’s reported about half of Greenville University’s graduates remain in Illinois.

Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner was asked his viewpoint about the impact Greenville University has on the city. He said GU is perhaps the city’s most unique distinctive. He said that has been reflected in many interactions he has with mayors from throughout the state. Gaffner said not only does GU make an economic impact, but also has a big impact on quality of life in Greenville.

Click below to hear the mayor’s comments:

President Ivan Filby is proud of the variety of service work Students do throughout the community. He said, “Time and again I see students align themselves with Jesus’ name with causes that transcend ‘self.’ Our students value purpose and calling to do a good work.”

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