Widger Resigns, Henson Assumes Role As MG Mayor

The Village of Mulberry Grove has a new Mayor Pro Tem. Cherie Henson confirmed to WGEL that she assumed that leadership role, following an executive session during the recent Mulberry Grove Village Board Meeting.

The executive session followed a heated exchange that had to do with an adjustment to a resident’s water bill. During the session, former mayor Candy Widger resigned her position and it was announced that Henson would fill the remainder of the term which ends in 2020.

Henson told WGEL she did not hear board member Russ Widger, Candy’s husband, resign his position. Candy Widger told WGEL he would be submitting his resignation soon.

Candy Widger told WGEL she wanted to clarify that the water bill at the center of the debate was not negotiated, but was corrected. She said the resident was overcharged for a garbage tote and the $150 decrease in the fee paid was to bring that bill to the correct amount. Widger also told us she had never gone to the board for that type of issue before.

Widger said she will miss serving the village as mayor, loves the Mulberry Grove community, and had more she hoped to do in that role.

Cherie Henson told us she is sorry the events transpired in the meeting and would do her best for the Village of Mulberry Grove.

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