Corn Recognized For Kids Golf Program


Over 8 years ago, Greenville native Kevin Corn began a Jr. Golf Program at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital in Maryland Heights. Missouri near St. Louis.

The program has had a positive effect on the lives of hundreds of children and has been nationally-recognized. Corn is a Gateway PGA pro at Innsbrook Golf Club and visits Ranken Jordan each Wednesday afternoon to provide golf to the children.

Corn said Ranken Jordan is a pediatric bridge hospital that serves kids who are well enough to not be in a traditional hospital, but aren’t well enough to go home. He started the program in May 2011. He goes to the hospital each week, shows them they can play golf regardless of medical complexities, and “do everything we can to put a smile on their face using the game.”

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He said the average stay in the hospital is 42 days. He admitted getting attached to the children and among his players have been Taylor Marti from Greenville and RaeAnne Toennies from Breese.

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The golf program was recently recognized by the KMOV-TV Surprise Squad of ST. Louis. Corn said he wasn’t expecting that visit. US Kids Golf and Freedom Golf Association donated new golf clubs to the program. A full-swing golf simulator was also donated. Kevin said the kids were lined up in front of the simulator, which was touching.

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In 2017, Kevin received the PGA U.S. Kids Golf Founder’s Award for his program at Ranken Jordan. It was only the third time the honor has been presented in the 20-year history of the PGA Show.

Kevin Corn is the son of John and the late Dotti Corn.

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