Exploratory Committee To Replace Congressman Shimkus

At the Vermilion County Administration Building in front of family, friends and supporters, State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) announced the creation of an exploratory committee to seek the 15th Congressional seat currently held by John Shimkus. Shimkus has recently announced that he will not be seeking reelection.

“For over 20 years, Congressman John Shimkus has represented parts of Southern Illinois in Congress,” said Marron. “When John decided not to run again, I knew that it would be a huge loss for Southern Illinois, and our country. Anyone trying to replace him will have incredibly large shoes to fill. He has a legacy of rolling up his sleeves and getting to work for Southern Illinois in the good times and fighting the liberal Obama and Pelosi policies in the bad times. I want to continue that legacy that reflects Southern Illinois values.”

Marron highlighted his experience as Vermilion County Board Chairman and State Representative at the press conference. Mike has had success in getting a strong consensus on a partisan county board. During his tenure, he was successful in working through differences the board members had with other board members and with the opposition party.

Mike took this leadership style to Springfield as State Representative, and as a freshman representative, he was able to work within a super-minority caucus to pass legislation that helped the citizens of the 104th Legislative District. Legislation such as helping protect the public health of his constituents by creating the regulatory framework that prevents coal ash pollution like what occurred at the Vermilion Power Station and protecting taxpayers from fronting the bill.

“Now, everyone knows that Springfield politics, especially from the past year, don’t reflect the values of us downstate, rural Illinoisans,” said Marron. “I fought against Springfield Democrats implementing the largest minimum wage increase in this state’s history, the implementation of a massive tax increase being billed as a “fair and progressive” tax, and the most expansive abortion law in the country. Unfortunately, due to Chicago’s influence, all of these things passed despite my opposition.

“A true leader knows when to get to work and when to fight for what’s right. Politicians and political insiders in Washington DC fight when they need to get to work and make compromises when they need to fight. I am here today to announce that I am opening an exploratory committee to run as the Congressman in the 15th District.”

Chairing the exploratory committee is Vermilion County Board Chairman Larry Baughn. Other members of the committee include Pat O’Shaughnessy of Danville, Stan Harper, Champaign County Board Member from St. Joseph and Bill Raben, a farmer from Ridgeway. More members will be invited in the coming weeks.

“I have known Mike for a long time, from his days on the Vermilion County Board and now as a State Rep.,” said Baughn. “I am honored to serve as the chairman of Mike’s exploratory committee. Mike is a strong leader that can pass legislation and advocate for the people of Southern Illinois while holding back the attacks on our values from Nancy Pelosi and Washington DC insiders.”

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