Fisher Celebrated Upon Retirement


It was a sendoff he couldn’t believe.

Brent Fisher retired Friday as a custodian at the Greenville Junior High and Greenville Elementary School, after serving Bond Unit 2 for nearly 21 years.

About 2 p.m. he walked through the door to the elementary school and was greeted by the applause and shouts from GES students, faculty and staff, who lined the hallway walls. He then went to the junior high and received the same reception.

It took about 15 minutes to complete the circle at the elementary school as Fisher high-fived many of the boys and girls and was stopped for hugs. After being congratulated by the junior high students and staff. Fisher stepped outside and was greeted by family members.

He told WGEL he was completely surprised. GES Principal Eric Swingler paged Fisher for a clean-up and as soon as he opened the door he saw the crowd. He said he couldn’t put into words what it meant to him.

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GES Principal Eric Swingler said honoring Fisher was very heartfelt by everyone. He said Fisher had a good work ethic and pure joy of working with the kids. He said Fisher has definitely made an impact.

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Fisher began his career at the high school then went to the junior high when it opened. He worked in the district maintenance department about six years before going back to the junior high and GES. Junior High Principal Gary Brauns called Fisher a legend.

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High School Athletic Director Joe Alstat recognized Fisher, saying on his own time Fisher built the baseball press box, the junior high baseball dugouts and the new high school baseball dugouts.

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