KC/Community Meeting In Greenville


Approximately 35 persons recently attended a community meeting at the Kaskaskia College Education Center in Greenville.

KC President George Evans led the session and fielded questions and suggestions from those in attendance, which included representatives from state and city government, Bond County Unit 2, Greenville University, local businesses, and the Greenville FCI. Several department heads from Kaskaskia College were also there.

President Evans stated the college receives its income from property taxes, the state, and tuition and fees. He added tuition rates at the community college are very affordable.

Evans reported KC is financially in a very stable position with revenue reserves of nine months.

The president said he is proud of Kaskaskia College’s graduation rates. He also pointed out that the student/teacher ratio, which is 18 to 1. He said the goal is to keep the number under 20.

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Kaskaskia College is currently conducting an education center survey and Evans asked residents to go online to www.kaskaskia.edu and complete it.

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